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Meet Our Leadership Team

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Mark Bennett

Executive Vice President

Mark Bennett is a senior business and health information technology leader with over 40 years of business and technology leadership experience, including a strong track record in building businesses, products, and services portfolios.  Bennett has a proven track record for developing and implementing strategies to drive customer success, deliver revenue and profitability growth and build enduring organizations with very high customer retention and satisfaction.

Prior to Sidus Insights, Bennett was COO and partner in Mitchell & McCormick for 18 years.  During those years, Bennett was responsible for product development and delivery, sales and marketing, and business development across a portfolio of electronic health record, practice management, and financial management systems.  In 2015, Bennett sold Mitchell & McCormick to N. Harris Computer Corporation, Sidus Insights’ parent company.  

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Doug Lee

Vice President, Operations and Chief Data Officer

With over 20 years’ experience in business, technology and innovation leadership, Doug Lee has emerged as a change agent. Through precise strategy and dynamic culture development, Lee has demonstrated the ability to help businesses weaponize their data to drive top line growth and profitability.

In his role as Vice President, Operations and Chief Data Officer, Lee is responsible for data strategy, data commercialization, innovation and operational excellence.  He is active in related professional organizations, serving on various boards within the private and public sectors. 

Rodger Pinto

Rodger Pinto, Ph.D.

Chief Scientific Officer

Rodger Pinto brings over 40 years experience in healthcare and technology. He was President / CEO and a founder of Gateway Electronic Medical Management Systems (GEMMS), an information technology company specializing in Electronic Clinical Information Solutions for Cardiology practices.  

Prior to founding GEMMS, Dr. Pinto was the Director of Clinical Services at Nasser, Smith and Pinkerton Cardiology in Indianapolis, Indiana, one of the largest in the country with 70 physicians practicing in 28 facilities.  Dr. Pinto developed the GEMMS ONE Cardiology product in this “Living Laboratory” of diverse practice settings.  He understands the management and the clinical side of medicine and was part of the senior management team.

Dr. Pinto is a Behavioral Counseling Psychologist and holds a Postdoctoral Degree in Health Psychology from Brown University.  He has worked in Clinical Trials and was involved as project director and co-investigator in several National Heart Lung and Blood Institute and National Cancer Institute grants.  He has authored over 20 published articles in the areas of Health Psychology, Cardiology, and Medical Informatics. He is also a National Speaker in Health Psychology, Health Care Practice Management, and Medical Informatics.  He has held faculty positions at Nova University, Stetson University and Brown University.


Our story

Our story

Part of the N Harris Computer Corporation family of businesses, Sidus Insights is an information technology and services company delivering real-world data, clinical trial logistics, and analytics to healthcare providers, payers, and researchers in industry and academia.  Fueled by over 5 billion data points, our de-identified data sets are a uniquely rich resource.  Delivering one of the largest and fastest growing ambulatory data sets, Sidus' Data Platform is used by biopharma, contract researchers, payers, and providers to drive more effective and more profitable clinical trials.  Our customers include some of the largest medical schools in the U.S.A who not only use our Data Platform to drive clinical research but to educate and equip future physicians and researchers for the challenges they will face.

The Sidus Analytics Platform enables its thousands of physician practice users to gain better insight into the health of their patients and their practice.   

Our values



Our values

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